Haiti Seen as a Crisitunity: Who says what about rebuilding

4275411048_be95689b76The conversation about “What’s Best for Haiti?” is one that everyone is weighing in on.† It seems that the post-earthquake devastation is seen as a “crisi-tunity” for a country that was already facing poverty, corruption and debt before the natural disaster.† There’s hope that maybe the influx of aid and interest can lead to improvements that should have been in progress before the earthquake hit.† Here’s 8 mainstream opinions of how the rebuilding should happen to take advantage of the crisitunity:

Now is the Time to Fix Inequalities in Haiti

Robert Muggah and Robert Maguire offer four strategies for Haiti’s success: decentralization, a service corps, improved state institutions, and cash for the poor.

After the earthquake, how to rebuild Haiti from scratch

Jeffrey Sachs calls for a bank account that Haiti can draw from throughout rebuilding, rather than having to negotiate with numerous donors.† He puts a dollar figure to the rebuilding: between $2 to $3 billion per year for the next 5 years.

How to rebuild Haiti after the quake

Boyce Watkins argues for investment rather than sympathy.

How to rebuild Haiti

Robert Zoellick, president of the World Bank, says the usual: long-term commitment, coordinated aid, leadership, and that “Haiti canít be reconstructed by well-meaning outsiders.”

Eight ways to rebuild Haiti

The New York Times calls on eight experts to give their prescriptions for rebuilding Haiti, including an architect, an expert on informal cities, a former special envoy to Haiti, more cities experts, a water expert, a businessman, a Harvard professor, and a Columbia professor.

How to help Haiti to rebuild

Paul Collier, Jean-Louis Warnholz, Michele Wucker, Clare Lockhart, and Dan Schnitzer comment on “nation-building, economic development, and emergency aid, and how best to help devastated Port-au-Prince.”

Canada calls on nations to forgive Haiti’s debt

We must rethink the rebuilding of Haiti

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