This week’s links: Gimmicks or Good Ideas?

moriza-homelessGaming for Good:
“Online game seeks to empower Africa. Some people think of online gamers and see gaunt loners huddled in dark rooms, the sad blue glow of the computer screen on their faces as their lives pass them by. Game designer Jane McGonigal sees “superheroes” with untapped potential that can be used to fix vexing real-world problems…”

Extreme philanthropy
“Brian Jones has scaled Mount Kilimanjaro, walked across the Sahara Desert and skied to the North Pole, all to raise money for needy groups in Fredericton. But this winter, he simply pulled on some wool socks and a pair of old sweatpants, kissed his daughters goodbye and found a comfortable patch of frozen pavement. Mr. Jones, a 40-year-old investment advisor, recently spent three days as a homeless man, wandering through his own city to draw attention to the plight of street youth….”

Photo from Moriza’s Flickr.

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