Recycled Energy Development- lower costs and a cleaner environment

Wouldn't it be great to live in some sci-fi future were we could make energy in the process of junk disposal? I'll let you in on a bit of a secret. We can do it now! That is the beauty of recycled energy. It comes in at a very low cost to produce and since it uses no fossil fuels it does not add greenhouse gases to the environment. And to top it off there isn't any massive infrastructure changes that would need to be made, we just need to be a bit smarter about our rubbish clearance.

Currently we have a number of processes that waste a lot of energy. In the process of industrial manufacture and recycling to produce new produces massive amounts of heat are given off. This heat is currently merely vented off into the atmosphere. But what if that heat were used. It could heat boilers that would drive electricity production. Simply by adding a few systems our recycling and manufacturing plants could start producing electricity and the best part is there wouldn't be any further input of fossil fuels. Clean energy from what would have been wasted heat.

But it doesn't end there. If we went back to the very plants producing our electricity currently we could milk even more energy out of them. If we moved from our current model of producing electricity, which wastes 67% of the energy produced, we could make much more useful and clean energy production. As it stands we need three units of fuel to make one unit of electricity. In the future we might be able to up that, but today 2 units are wasted heat energy. If we had our energy production right near our manufacturing we could take that wasted heat energy and first run it through a heat recovery boiler. That would be able to provide thermal energy to heat nearby buildings, thus dropping the need of using electricity to heat them. Our power plant still turns the 100% fuel into 33% electricity, but adds in 40% thermal energy to boot. Now our efficiency has gone up and our waste has gone down.

This recycled energy idea sounds great in theory. On paper it can save a lot of money, lower the amount of fossil fuels we would need to burn which would reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But what about the real world, if this is so great how come no one is doing it yet? Well the thing is someone has started doing it. Denmark is currently producing half its power from these systems. As such it is leading the world in this type of energy efficiency and clean power. To give you a comparison, if you took the amount of energy used by the US and Denmark to each produce a dollar toward the GDP you would find Denmark uses only about 40% of the power needed in the US.

It's pretty cool to live in this sci-fi future. Sure, we don't have flying cars and those transporters aren’t available yet. But you and I live in a world were simple rubbish clearance can be used to produce clean power. And it's as clean as solar or wind power, so it is a win for the planet as well.

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  1. Nancy Twerdohlib at 3:21 pm #

    This whole project is frackin’ incredible. Hats off the everyone involved with #RHOK and their help and support of the non-profit community. We really appreciate it!! (@Nancyjt)


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