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Housing and HIV/AIDS: What a Difference a Roof Makes

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Sharp Foundation gets ready for a new stage in the life of PHAs: Retirement

Finding Housing Security: A PHAŹ¼s Story

Dr Peter Centre: Helping HIV+ Individuals Move from Chaos to Stability

Health 2.0: Health for all, Health by all
Young Voices in Research for Health 2009

Sex and Doctors: Why Young Men Don’t Go

Web 2.0 for Social Change
Youth Action Forum, Spring 2009
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Phones Against AIDS

Combating HIV/AIDS Through Empowerment
Juxtaposition Global Health Magazine, Vol. 2, Iss. 2
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Mobile Projects at the International AIDS Conference

HIV Patients Resistant to Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors Experience Superior Results With Etravirine
Doctor’s Guide

Fosamprenavir Offers Results Similar to Those of Other Protease Inhibitors When Patients With HIV Switch Regimens
Doctor’s Guide

Incarcerated HIV Patients Have Similar Responses to Antiretrovirals as Other Populations
Doctor’s Guide

Pharmacokinetic Interaction Between Anti-TB Agent Rifabutin and HIV Drug Rilpivirine
Doctor’s Guide

Fixed-Dose Combination Tablets Simplify Antiretroviral Treatment for Children in India With HIV
Doctor’s Guide

Maraviroc Treatment Improves CD-Positive Cell Rebound in Patients With HIV
Doctor’s Guide

Preventing HIV/AIDS Through Microeconomic Development
Articulate Journal of Undergraduate Research Applied to International Development

Preventing HIV/AIDS through microeconomic development: Structural approaches to reducing the environment of risk
University of Toronto Research Repository

Notes from the Field: Kate Jongbloed’s Experience Working with CAPAIDS in Ethiopia
Beyond Good Intentions Blog

Surprised by Development: Witnessing a Positive Snowball