Melanie Gorka

Keeps Busy: Uncovering Beauty at Lady Atelier, working for AWID and using technology, crowdsourcing & digital volunteerism in disaster relief for CrisisCommons.

Recently discovered: the advantages of a healthy lifestyle and She Does the City!

Graduated from: University of Toronto with a degree in International Development and Political Science.

Canít: wait for summer and her next travel adventure!

Secretly: finds satisfaction in accomplishing everything on her To Do list.

Recommends: trying something new everyday and reading news from alternative news sources as often as possible. Also try Raw Food, it’s pleasantly delicious ( I really prefer cooked food).

Reads: books from her university reading lists that she didn’t get to, everything written by italo calvino and tom robbins. I try to balance my reading mostly with non-fiction and a bit of trash mixed in!

Happiest: spending time with family and friends, trying new things and being outside in warm weather.