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“Dead Aid” Revisted. Guest Post by Jessie Rust-Smith

A guest post by Jessica Rust-Smith, reviewing Dead Aid, a year after it was published. “One year later, does Zambian economist Dambisa Moyo’s call for the end of aid to Africa still hold sway when the World Bank’s Chief Economist for Africa is declaring Africa’s Successes?…..Among her many criticisms of aid are its resulting distortions in African markets, its ability to prop up weak and ineffective governments, and most importantly, its perpetuation of a vicious cycle of aid dependency. She calls for an end to the crippling practice of aid to Africa.”

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Laurie Garrett: Communicating Global Health

I’m a strong believer in communication as a vehicle for change.  This might sound like a generic statement, but that’s just because I’m not as good of a communicator as I’d like to be.  I’ve been realizing that a lot of what I idolize in others is the power of communication.  Paul Farmer is great [...]

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Launch of Textbook for International Health

Yesterday I went to a Global Health Discussion Forum, a “monthly forum for members of the healthcare and educational communities to learn more about international projects around Toronto.” This particular one highlighted the brand new Textbook on International Health: Global Health in a Dynamic World, written by Anne-Emanuelle Birn (a former professor of mine), Timothy [...]

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Has Africa been D-Listed?

The Globe and Mail recently ran an article called “Banned Aid” on the new funding approach to international development agencies in Canada. Canada has made recent changes to their funding approach restricting their major funding to 20 key countries essentially abandoning countries like Malawi, Rwanda, Niger among others (they still give some aid but it [...]

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Book Review: The Wisdom of Whores

I meant to post this for a while, but didn’t get to it until now…it was still bike season when I read it! In her 2008 book, The Wisdom Of Whores, Elizabeth Pisani manages to piss everyone off.  The result is a compelling read about what she refers to as the “bureaucrats, brothels and the [...]

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Other Peoples’ Tomorrows


Just finished Dr. James Orbinski’s new book, An Imperfect Offering: Humanitarian Action for the 21st Century. For those of you who don’t know him, Orbinski is one of Canada’s global health heroes. He accepted the Nobel Prize for Doctors Without Borders while he was its international president and has since worked on developing MSF’s Access [...]

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